We are a group of working professionals who came together for a cause.  We  are together as a group from the year 2002 onwards and were actively involved in charity activities. We used to raise money among us to help the needy referred to  us by family & friends.  By 2010, many people started asking whether they could also be part of our charity initiatives. Soon we realized that  many people are willing to help the needy but they are unaware of how & where to do it. We started thinking about a wider platform where others can also be part of our charity initiatives. And thus MicroCharity was born !

The spirit of MicroCharity

We Choose the name MicroCharity to denote our way of working. We collect small amounts from different individuals for a particular cause. We usually set a upper limit for receiving donation from a single individual. Which means that we wont take more than the upper limit from a single individual even if he/she is willing to do so. Our basic spirit is to involve as many people as we can for a particular cause by which individual contributions are very less but together we make a big impact in so many lives. The name MicroCharity clearly communicate our basic spirit.

Our Vision

Our vision is to make  whatever difference we can in the lives of people in need. We know for sure that we are not here to completely eradicate poverty from this world. But at the same time we believe doing whatever small things we can do to make this world a better place to live in. We primarily works in the area of  Education, Medical, Child health & Women.

Our Values

We are a non-profit organization, where we spend our time, energy & money to help others whatever way we can. We believe in high transparency in our actions to help others.

Our Legal Entity

MicroCharity is a Registered Charitable Trust under Indian Trust Act.

The Future

We would like to see MicroCharity grows as a huge platform where both People in Need and the good samaritans meet and help each other. We would like to introduce more creative ways of achieving the Joy of Giving.