1. A Case Is Reported

A  MicroCharity Volunteer reports a case where a person or a family is in need of our help. It’s usually a help towards Education, Medical Expenses, or poverty, though not limited to.

2. The Investigation

The MicroCharity team investigates the case and approves if it’s genuine.

3. The Target & The Deadline

The team also fixes a target on the fund to be raised, and a deadline on which the fund should be handed over.

4. The Fund Raising & The Donors

The case is uploaded to MicroCharity Website with the target and deadline mentioned. Multiple donors contribute small amounts against the case. And finally the fund gets raised before the deadline.

5. The Mission Accomplished

The fund is handed over direct to a hospital, college or trust to ensure proper utilization. A student is back at school, a girl gets married, a surgery saves a life. Well, it’s not the end, but just the beginning of another relationship.

6. The Follow Up

A MicroCharity volunteer keeps in touch with the person or family, and updates MicroCharity frequently.

7. The Pay Back

The pay back is priceless; peace, gratitude, love, and a deep sense of relief. And sometimes, it’s their turn. But then, there is no pay back, only pay forward!