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Medical Treatment for Joy

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Aug 1, 2020 - Idukki, Kerala (MCID-103-20-21)

54-year-old Joy Antappan from Idukki, Kerala has been suffering from mental health issues for the past one year, following his father’s death. 3 months back, he had to undergo a major surgery to remove a growth from his stomach. Joy also has some heart-related complications. After the surgery, his mental health deteriorated, and he had to be admitted to a mental hospital near his house. The family is not able to keep him at home due to suicidal tendencies and violence.

Joy was working as a daily wage laborer before he fell ill. His wife was also working as a daily wage laborer; but she had to discontinue work after a leg injury. Their daughter is married, and son is working at a mechanic shop close by.
The family has 10 cents of land and some support for house construction from the Panchayat. But Joy’s medical expense of around Rs. 30,000 per month is too much for the family to bear. They are not able to finish the construction or meet their daily expenses. The family is running from pillar to post to find money for his treatment, and they approached MicroCharity for financial support.


Aug 18, 2020 - Fund Request Approved
MicroCharity approves fund request of Rs.31,500.
Fund Raising Closed
Fund raising closed for this cause. Rs 31,500 is raised from 6 micro donations in 2 days. We will be transferring money to hospital shortly