Help to buy an Autorickshaw

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Feb 15, 2015 - Payyavoor, Kerala (MCID-137-14-15)
Binoy and his family, consisting of his wife, 2 school-going children and elderly parents, need our help in sustaining their livelihood. Binoy was working as a coolie, but is not able to continue due to a severe knee problem on his right leg. The family is desperately looking for some support as he is the only earning member of the family, and they have no other source of income. They also have a bank loan which was taken to meet Binoy’s medical treatment expenses. Hence, he started looking for an alternate job that will not put much strain on his knees.

They have identified a second-hand auto rickshaw, which costs Rs.50,000 and he would need another Rs.20,000 for some repairs. Binoy requested help from MicroCharity to buy this auto, so that the money earned from driving can sustain his family’s livelihood.

Feb 20, 2015 - MicroCharity approves the fund request
MicroCharity approves fund request of Rs.70,000.
Feb 26, 2015 - Fund Raising Closed
Fund raising is closed for this cause. Rs.70,000 is raised from 14 micro donations in 6 days. We will be soon helping binoy to buy the auto rickshaw