Helping a bedridden man for Biliary Drainage (PTBD) Surgery

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June 4 , 2013 - Changanassery, Kerala (MCID-110-13-14)
Ajimon is suffering with liver stone and infection in small intestine from 2002. He is almost bedridden for last 2 years. A bag is connected to his body to collect waste. He has to undergo a surgery immediately to implant a stent to stop the leak in his bile duct.

He was working as a painter until he was sick. His wife used to work in a bakery. She lost her job as she is unable to go to work regularly because of Ajimon’s sickness. The only bread winner in the family is Ajimon’s father who sells lottery. Ajimon has two children; his daugher just completed 10th standard and his son is studying in 7th.

The family is heavily in debt due to Ajimon’s prolonged sickness. Doctors at Amrita Hospital, Kochi are advising a surgery( PTBD with stenting) at the earliest. The surgery will cost Rs. 1 lakh.

July 31, 2013 - MicroCharity approves the fund request
  MicroCharity approved Rs. 80,000 to help Ajimon’s fight for survival.
Aug 6, 2013 - Fund Raising Completed
  Fund raising is completed for this cause. Rs 80,000 is raised from 21 Micro Donations in 6 days. Ajimon’s surgery is scheduled for Aug 12, 2013. We will be paying the money directly to Amrita Hospital shortly.