1 year old Girl with Hole in Heart. Needs support for Open Heart Surgery

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Nov 19, 2012 - Dhondewadi, Karad, Satara (Dt), Maharashtra - MCID-113-12

Baby Gauri Bhosle was born on September 4, 2011 with an abnormal hole in the septum that separates the two bottom chambers of the heart called ventricles. The defect is known as Ventricular Septal Defect (VSD). This was diagnosed at the second month itself but the doctors advised to wait till baby turns one year as there is a chance that the hole fills up by itself. But latest test reports show that the hole is still not fully filled and little Gauri needs an open heart surgery.

Her parents are farm workers and they are a very poor couple who struggle to make both ends meet.

Doctors of Sahyadri Specialty Hospital, Pune suggested to get the open heart surgery done not later than December 10, 2012. Approximate cost of Surgery is Rs 2.25 Lakhs. The parents are trying all the means to raise the money to save their little daughter.

Please read the Doctors Diagnosis Report here

Please see the Quoation from Hospital for Open Heart Surgery here

Nov 25, 2012 - MicroCharity approves the fund request
Microcharity decided to take up part of surgery expense and approved the fund request of Rs. 75,000. Deadline for raising the fund  is 08 December, 2012.
Dec 04, 2012 - Fund Raising Completed
Microcharity is happy to announce that Fund Raising is completed for this cause. Rs 75,000 is raised from 25 different donations in 9 days.  Little Gauri is getting admitted to hospital this week and surgery is scheduled to happen before Dec 10, 2012
Dec 7, 2012 - Money paid to Hospital
MicroCharity paid Rs 75,000 to Sahyadri Specialty Hospital, Pune through bank transfer. Surgery is scheduled early next week.
Dec 11, 2012 - Surgery
Little Gauri is at hospital now and her surgery is scheduled to happen at 1 PM, 11 Dec 2012. We will be updating the status once the surgery is completed.
Dec 14, 2012 - Surgery Completed
Little Gauri’s surgery successfully completed and she was in ICU for last 3 days under observation. She is moved to normal room today and she is doing very well. She is expected to discharged from hospital in another 3-4 days. This is a very proud moment for all those who contributed to this cause and MicroCharity.



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