Deaf Boy with Kidney Disorder

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April 1, 2014 - Aluva, Kerala (MCID-102-14-15)

Jithin is deaf from birth. He is also suffering from nephrotic syndrome(a kidney disorder) and requires constant medical attention. The 9 year old boy is studying in St. Clare School for Deaf, Kalady, Kerala. Jithin visits Medical Trust Hospital, Ernakulam every month for medical checkups.

His father is a driver, who owns a second hand mini truck. His mother and grand mother work as domestic helps. Everything was going well until last year when Jithin suddenly developed serious issues with his kidneys. He developed swelling all over his body and was hospitalized for many days. And when he finally recovered, his parents had spent all they had, and the family had a debt of Rs. 20,000. The vehicle loan installments of the mini truck was not paid for a few months, and the vehicle also lost the taxi permit.

To make things worse, his grand mother had a stroke and was hospitalized for many days. Hopefully, she recovered quickly and continues to work as a domestic help.

Jithin needs Rs. 750/- a month for medical checkups. The family is in debt due to the medical emergencies in the last year.

After discussions with the family, we arrived at a solution to make a regular income for the family. MicroCharity will pay Rs. 50,000 to close the vehicle loan on the truck and to get the taxi permit back. This will help Jithin’s father to start working with his truck again, the family will earn a regular monthly income, and they will be able to meet the medical expenses for Jithin. The family is also confident to make regular monthly contributions to MicroCharity to help others in need.

Apr 4, 2014 - MicroCharity approves the fund request
MicroCharity approves fund request of Rs. 50,000.
Apr 13, 2014 - Fund Raising Closed
Fund raising is closed for this cause. Rs 50,000 is raised from 18 micro donations in 9 days. We will be passing the money to family shortly.
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