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Nursing School Fee for Ann Mary

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June 30, 2017 - Bangalore, Karnataka (MCID-116-17-18)
Ann Maria from Kannur, Kerala needs our financial support to start her Nursing degree. Her father is a rubber tapping worker earning less than Rs.4000 a month, mother is a house wife, elder sister is working as a nurse in Delhi and elder brother is doing his degree course.

The family already has a loan of Rs. 4 lakh taken for her sister’s education, which she’s paying off from her salary. Her dad’s salary is not enough to sustain their household expenses along with Ann’s education. Total fee for 1st year BSc Nursing comes to Rs. 92,000 including tuition, hostel and food.

September 5, 2017 - MicroCharity approves the fund request
MicroCharity approves fund request of INR 50,000.
September 18, 2017 - Fund Raising closed
Fund raising closed for this cause. INR 50,000 raised from 10 micro donations in 13 days. Fund transferred directly to college.
Mar 18, 2019 - MicroCharity approves fund request (MCID-133-18-19)
Ann Maria completed her first year Nursing course with good marks. We continue to support her with INR 50,000 every year. The family, though they are very poor, have agreed to raise the rest of the fee themse lves.
MicroCharity approves fund request of INR 50,000.

Mar 28, 2019 – Fund raising closed for this cause. INR 50,000 is raised from 15 micro donations in 10 days. We have already transferred the fee to College directly.

10-Nov-2020 - MicroCharity approves fund request (MCID-112-20-21)
Ann Maria completed her second year Nursing course successfully and has moved on to her third year. Her father’s income from rubber tapping is not enough to support her education. MicroCharity continues to support her with Rs. 50,000 each year.

MicroCharity approves fund request of Rs. 50,000.

Fund raising closed for this cause. Money will be transferred to college shortly.