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Medical Support for Thasmiya Banu

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Jul 1, 2021 - Hindupur, Andhra Pradesh (MCID-107-21-22)
20 year old Thasmiya Banu was in the second month of pregnancy when she was paralysed by a rare disorder called Guillain Barre Syndrome. She gave birth to a preterm baby and hopefully they both survived the ordeal.

Thasmiya is still under treatment and now on a wheel chair. Her father who works as a welder and her two younger siblings are struggling to meet the expenses of the treatment and they need our help.


Jul 6, 2021 - Fund Raising Approved

MicroCharity approves fund request of INR 50,000.
Ju1 30, 2021 - Fund Raising Closed

Fund raising closed. The fund will be transferred to Thasmiya’s Hospital.