Heart Surgery of a little girl – Kottayam, Kerala

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Location: Kottayam, Kerala

January 17, 2007: Amala is an 18 month old little girl. She has a hole in her heart which is worsening her condition every day. She has difficulty in breathing and a costly surgery is the immediate solution. The little girl’s family has a poor financial condition and they are unable to raise the sum of Rs. 80,000 required for the surgery. They have collected Rs. 30,000 from various sources and now has a requirement of Rs. 50,000.

February 20, 2007: We raised Rs. 51,500 from 25 donors

Donation Details

Name         Amala
Location Kottayam, Kerala
Amount Raised  Rs 51500
Raised from 25 Donors
Donation Date  February 20, 2007