Support for a critically ill family

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Jan 01, 2013 - Bangalore, Karnataka (MCID-116-13-14)
A critically ill family is seeking help for treatment, education and livelihood. Husband and wife are HIV+. Wife is a nurse, an innocent victim of HIV who is not able to continue her work because of health issues. Husband is working as driver cum clerk at a small school. He also has health issues, but has to continue working in order to make both ends meet. They have 2 children; one in 10th grade and the other in kindergarten.

They did not take treatment for almost 12 years. The illness is now in advanced stages and they are being treated at St. John’s Hospital, Bangalore.

The financial crisis, side effects of medications, their inability to continue with work are all working against them. Please join us in extending a helping hand to this family which is going through very tough times.

Our policy is to give our donors all available information about the causes, but in this case, we are withholding names in order to protect the privacy of the family on request.

Jan 3, 2013 - MicroCharity approves the fund request
MicroCharity approves Rs.22,500 to pay pending school fee of the children.
Jan 4, 2013 - Fund Raising closed
Fund raising is closed for this cause. We raised Rs 22,500 from 12 donors in just 1 day!. We will paying the school fee directly to school shortly.
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