Special School Fee for a Poor Cerebral Palsy Boy – Fareed Pasha

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May 17, 2016 - Bangalore, Karnataka (MCID-110-16-17)
Fareed Pasha is a 15 year old boy suffering with Cerebral palsy. He is living with his Mother Sareen Taj and his 8 year old younger brother in Banshankari, Bangalore. His father ran away from them 4 years ago and married another women. Husband’s aged mother also living with them. Sareen was working as a house cleaning staff in an office and earning 5000 for the entire family. Since she has to be away from Fareed during entire day his situation got worse. As per doctor’s advice she quit her job to spend more time to Fareed. She is doing a part-time stitching job for a garment factory nearby from her home for earning. She earns Rs 150 – 200 / day from it. She is sending Fareed to
a special school in Jayangar, Bangalore called FAME India – Foundation for Action, Motivation and Empowerment http://www.fameindia.org/ . They have gave them discounts by seeing her family situation. They asked her to pay Rs 9,600 / year as a fee plus Rs 450 for uniform. Their vehicle will come and pick the kid from home and drop them back in the evening. She is not able to even pay this fee so asking for our help. They approached MicroCharity for support.

June 16, 2016 - MicroCharity approves the fund request
MicroCharity approves fund request of Rs 10,050.
June 16, 2016 - Fund Raising Closed
Microcharity is happy to announce that fund raising has been closed for this cause. The fee has been paid through cheque to Fame India.

We also have a touching story to add. A group of donors have come together and decided to sponsor this cause fully in memory of their dear deceased friend, Haris. On their request, we add this line as a token of respect and appreciation. Thank you from the MicroCharity team for this thoughtful gesture. (This is the second cause supported by this group).

This amount is fully donated in the loving memory of Haris by his dearest friends

July 11, 2017- School fees for the year 2017-18 (MCID-110-17-18)
Fareed’s situation is the same. His school is the only respite that Sareen gets, to work and earn money for the family. They are struggling to pay Fareed’s school fee of Rs.10,800, and approached MicroCharity for financial support.

MicroCharity approves fund request of Rs.10,800.

July 18, 2017 – Rs 10,800 is raised from 4 micro donations in 7 days. We will be paying the fee directly to school.

June 10, 2018- School fees for the year 2018-19 (MCID-111-18-19)
Fareed’s school fee for this year is Rs. 11,215. His mother Sareen is in no position to collect this money from her part time stitching job. She approached MicroCharity for financial help.

June 26, 2018 - MicroCharity approves the fund request
MicroCharity approves fund request of Rs. 11,215.

June 27, 2018 – Rs 11,215 is raised from 6 micro donations in 1 day. We will be paying the fee directly to school.