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B.Com Fees for Martina

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Jan 4, 2020 – Bangalore, Karnataka (MCID-117-19-20)

Martina from Bangalore, India needs our help in completing her PU course. Her father is a drunkard who does not look after the family. He comes home drunk late at night most days, causing a lot of nuisance to the family. Most of the days, they all have to go and seek shelter at a convent close by to escape the violence at home. Her mother, Elizabeth is working as a helper at a factory nearby earning INR 6000 per month.

Martina completed her 1st year PU with help from the nuns at the convent, and few other well-wishers. The nuns also advised her to move into a hostel so that she would not be troubled by her father’s behavior. Course fee for second year PU is INR 25,000 and hostel fee comes to INR 40,000. The family approached MicroCharity for financial assistance since they are not able to afford the college fee.


Jan 13, 2020 – Fund Raising Approved

MicroCharity approves fund request of Rs. 25,000. Fee is directly paid to College.

Feb 15, 2021 – College Fee for BCom (MCID-118-20-21)

Martina completed her PUC and has joined BCom. Her father is still not able to look after the family, and her mother’s meager income is not sufficient to fund her college fee.

College fee for 1st year BCom is INR 35000, of which MicroCharity is sponsoring INR 25,000.

Oct 20, 2022 – College Fee for 2nd Year(MCID-115-22-23)

Martina has completed the frist 3 semesters with Distinction and needs our support to pay the 2nd year fees.

Microcharity is raising Rs 35,000 to support her studies.

Fund raising closed

Fund raising is closed. The fund will be transferred to Martina’s college.